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James Melchor, CTO, DYONYXJames Melchor, CTO
In this increasingly competitive business arena, numerous Managed Service Providers (MSPs) today claim to have expertise in cloud hosting, monitoring or service desk. But, many are either simply reselling, or brokering, a public cloud service such as AWS, Azure, and/or subcontracting their monitoring and service desk work to a third-party provider, often off-shore to increase margin. Many organizations are looking for more from an MSP, and need a provider who posseses the expertise, facilities and experience supporting simple to complex IT infrastructures.

This is where Texas-based DYONYX fills that gap and acts as a true IT partner to federal and commercial clients, working with them to fully understand their business needs, current IT footprint, challenges and goals. The detailed due diligence sets DYONYX apart, and helps it determine what type of cloud infrastructure, if any at all, best suits each particular application, compute, network and storage and archival requirements, as well as business continuity/disaster recovery requirements. Once the engineers have tailored an IT infrastructure or cloud model that meets the client’s needs and is built with the appropriate scalability and elasticity, DYONYX offers application and infrastructure monitoring for performance, capacity and security through its state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC).

DYONYX’s entire service portfolio is built around ITIL best practices - service design, service transition, and service operation in a continuous improvement cycle. “This adoption and adherence to ITIL best practices is not just a check in the box, we live it every day,” remarks James Melchor, CTO of DYONYX. “This enables us to quickly and efficiently resolve any issue the client’s end-users may have to avoid or minimize any business disruptions,” he continued.

In addition, DYONYX has invested significantly in its infrastructure offerings within the data center landscape to enable scalability and elasticity for clients.

DYONYX acts as a true IT partner to federal and commercial clients, working to fully understand their business needs, current IT footprint, challenges and goals

By right-sizing each client’s IT configuration during their due diligence process, and at the same time ensuring adequate capacity for continuous growth - or capacity surge requirements during seasonal or project-related events -the clients do not need to pay for unnecessary, over-provisioned IT systems or storage capacity.

DYONYX maintains a backbone of redundant, world-class data center facilities positioned around the U.S. Their production data centers are SSAE 16, Tier IV certified, secure, require multi-level physical and biometric access, and employ video monitoring and round-the-clock NOC team supervision.

Another key highlight of DYONYX’s service is its Strategic Technology Support Plan (STSP) methodology, or its customized and repeatable due diligence process. The methodology incorporates a leveraged network operations model based on DYONYX’s best of breed “continuous support” lifecycle, and at the same time allows it to keep the total cost of network operations to a minimum while maintaining the desired network and application uptime performance required. The company’s STSP methodology represents the overall logical approach DYONYX employs to transition to an out-sourced project to effectively meet a customer’s IT support requirements.

DYONYX supports clients located in 65 cities throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America and maintains a current Federal Top Secret facility clearance with the U.S. Department of Defense. The company currently provides IT infrastructure, cloud hosting and managed services to federal, state and local government clients and commercial entities including oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, real estate and health IT. “We are continuously looking at new and developing technologies that will keep DYONYX at the technical forefront while still providing our customers with an affordable, high quality solution designed to empower them to excel in their business practice,” concludes Melchor.