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Torch AI: Unleashing the Power of Network-Centric Intelligence

Brian Weaver, Founder and CEO, Torch AIBrian Weaver, Founder and CEO
At a recent conference for U.S. military innovators, participants discussed in detail various challenges posed by existing IT environments and systems that impede critical missions. The commonly voiced pain points revolved around the management and governance of voluminous datasets. Brian Weaver, a tech visionary invited to speak, revealed Torch to the audience, a solution that taps into data across relationships to create intelligence, enabling strategic decision-making and automation. The solution was the brainchild of Weaver, his co-founder Jae Cha and their firm, Torch AI that specializes in enterprise augmented intelligence solutions. Torch is laser-focused on enabling a modular ecosystem approach to accommodate users, systems, and processes. A harbinger of network-centric intelligence, the team has an illustrious track record of deploying several mission-critical solutions for large commercial and public sector enterprises, including the military’s research arm, DARPA. The company’s platform brings structure to massive datasets, making impossibly complex problems solvable through network or information-centric entity intelligence.

Torch offers a powerful machine learning platform that enables the management and manipulation of complex systems with unparalleled security and ease of use. The platform features a sophisticated and proprietary force graph coupled with a physics engine, to establish and analyze the relationships within complex systems bringing structure to data patterns in scenarios and events like tax filings, personas of software application developers, even defense contractors. Data objects are treated the same regardless of their type. Torch’s graph engine parses and tags all the data to which the physics engine applies rules, to establish a relationship between different datasets and objects within client ecosystems. The Torch platform enables process automation and enhanced judgment by surfacing patterns to solve practical problems. With Open Source Intelligence (publicly available “OSINT data”) natively available via Torch, users can observe correlations to rapidly solve several complex problems.

Our technology enables a radical new approach to solving common public sector challenges through network centric intelligence

A new distributed computing technology leveraging asymmetric encryption to contain and compute data securely, in a shareable format, allows authentication, credentialing, and security to be handled in a simple package.

The Torch platform’s ability to store data tags securely, instead of the data itself, eliminates the need for a large data warehouse and side-steps computation limitations. The usage of a physics engine to analyze data, constructs a pattern between the fundamental attributes underpinning the data, similar to a “battle-map,” which aids data analysis. This battle-map view of the network allows agencies to radically modernize decision making at the front line. Users can customize the platform to ensure that important variables surface quickly. Furthermore, automatic notifications for various data patterns can either be turned on or off. “The most rewarding part is making heroes out of our clients when processes are triggered based on the specific patterns of data detected by the platform. Taking their expertise and putting it into action,” says Weaver.

Torch’s unparalleled expertise in deploying OEM applications has won the attention of several consulting firms including Deloitte, Accenture, DXC and others; essentially, Torch has partnered with technology giants to revolutionize data analysis within the public sector. The synergy between Torch and its partners has resulted in several state-of-the-art solutions being developed for well-known public sector organizations like the USDA, FNS, FSB, Treasury, IRS, DoD, and DISA.

Torch is currently exploring utilizing its network-centric intelligence to reduce improper payments and eliminate insider threats in organizations. The company plans to step up its investments in staff inside the Beltway and R&D, with a motive to add value to clients’ businesses. Building and pursuing meaningful relationships with key government contractors is also on the agenda for Torch. “Our partners are thought-leaders and have true domain expertise that makes an advanced platform like Torch, really shine,” concludes Weaver.