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Top 10 Smart Solutions For Government Sector - 2017

Technology leaders have too many choices these days. They have so many options that they can get distracted from the most basic imperative of effective and efficient delivery of technology services. New technology is being presented at a faster rate; cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, bots, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, blockchain technology, and data lakes just to name a few.

A steady trend that is becoming apparent to me in the public sector is the growing distraction by the latest fad or buzz word, going in several directions at once, often not implementing anything or at least not implementing it well, and compounding the issue by not putting the appropriate support in place once the technology is finally implemented. Shiny new objects cause confusion, and fads should not be confused with the daily business value that is: providing support for the mission critical technology already in place.

Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of Smart Solution Providers based on their abilities to assist Government CIOs and enterprise holders with a process that leverages the contemporary state of affairs and concurrently prepares the firm to bet on options for an impending “new normal”. We present to you Government CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Smart Solutions For Government Sector - 2017”.

    Top Smart Solutions For Government Sector

  • IT solutions provider dedicated to helping federal and commercial clients across the nation improve their productivity and security

  • Solving the energy and water challenges of tomorrow will require fresh thinking and new perspectives

  • Offers a platform for network-centric intelligence, enabling public sector agencies to turn massive data into action

  • Petra Systems, Inc.

    Petra Systems, Inc.

    Delivering high-value smart streetlight network solutions worldwide

  • BestParking


    An eCommerce parking platform that enables users to find and compare parking garages and lots

  • Gestamp


    Gestamp Solar specialized in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of solar plants

  • GridPoint


    GridPoint provides data-driven energy management solutions to commercial enterprises, government and educational institutions

  • Pango


    Pango with Pay-by-Phone technology gives you a smarter and easier way to park and pay

  • SpotHero


    A parking reservation application that allows users to find, book and rent automobile parking spaces at garages, lots and valets

  • tenKsolar


    TenKsolar is a research and development company that designs, manufactures and markets solar photovoltaic packaging solutions